Buy Euthasol euthanasia online. Pentobarbital sodium and phenytoin sodium are the main ingredients of the barbiturate and anticonvulsant solution known as euthasol. In addition, Rhodamine B, a fluorescent dye, is used in this composition to set it apart from the active components of parent medications. Pentobarbital and Phenytoin sodium are the active constituents in Euthasol, a non-sterile solution used to conduct humane animal slaughter. Order here

During the operation, the properly trained crew injects the active components into the animal’s body. With the help of this drug, animals can pass away without any pain or suffering. The nonsterile solution comprises 10 ml of phenytoin, which is equivalent to 20 mg of phenytoin, and 9.5 ml of pentobarbital sodium, which is comparable to 5 g of pentobarbital free base.

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Euthasol is a barbiturate and anticonvulsant combination that is sold as an injection-ready solution.
It is provided as a sterile, 2 ml ready-to-use injectable solution. Read more
Pentobarbital sodium 2.5 mg and phenytoin sodium 100 mg are both included in it, along with the fluorescent pigment rhodamine B.
The most effective treatment for pet turtles with CNS conditions that cause seizures is our Euthasol.
Euthasol is the leading brand of animal euthanasia solution, trusted by thousands of veterinarians since being introduced in 2008. Buy Euthasol Euthanasia online.

Uses and Dosage

Euthasol is a natural and easily absorbed solution, created to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The Euthasol Solution should be added to drinking water and consumed daily for maximum effectiveness.

Euthasol is the veterinary hemostatic solution used for the immediate control of haemorrhages due to trauma or surgery. It can be applied to wounds or given intravenously. It has the ability to stop bleeding by clotting blood vessels and cells in ways that are not dependent on platelets. Buy Euthasol Euthanasia online.

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75 ml + Antiemetics, 100 ml + Antiemetics, 250 ml + Antiemetics


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